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"Great Used Bookstore" -- Westways Magazine
"Best Used Bookstore" -- Orange County Register    "Best Used Bookstore" -- Orange County Weekly
"In Search of Fun on Tustin Avenue" -- Los Angeles Times    "In good company" -- Orange Observer

Westways Magazine, Great Used Book Store from "Eight Great Used-Book Stores"
The Bookman, Orange
Among the Bookman's huge selection of well-cared-for used books covering all fields, you will almost certainly uncover a treasure from your wish list. And because the owners are constantly refreshing the stock, further gems will undoubtedly reveal themselves on your next visit.
WESTWAYS, Auto Club Annual Review, May/June 2001

Orange County Register 7th Annual the Best of Orange County Award -- Best Used Book Store -- The Bookman Best Used Bookstore
8 of 8 Years
Orange County Register
Readers' Choice Award

Orange County Register, 8th Annual, The Best of Orange County Issue For a decade, Bookman co-owners Paul Bonaventure and David Hess have made sure patrons can find the title they are looking for by offering more than 500,000 books.
Loyal patrons delight in the establishment, where books -- and the love of them -- is a lifestyle.
Used, rare and out-of-print books are arranged in a variety of categories and subject matters. The excellent customer service ensures that customers get the books they want, and frequently they discover something new.
ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 7th Annual The Best of Orange County
September 15, 2000 David Hess says he's not competing with the likes of Barnes & Noble or Borders Books and Music.
"The large bookstores are new. Our specialty is used and out-of-print books. I consider those guys greenhouses. They're growing our books."
ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, Saturday Section, 1999

Orange County Register, 7th Annual, The Best of Orange County Issue

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Best Used Bookstore
4 of 4 Years
Orange County Weekly

Orange County Weekly, Best of Issue, 1997 Jorge Luis Borges once said, "I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." But if you can't wait until you die, the Bookman in Orange runs a close second. When you walk in the door, you're enveloped by the heady scent of millions of words just waiting to be discovered. The Bookman has a fabulous collection of nonfiction hardcover books in the main room, on everything from history to crafts to photography to nature. The second room, to your left, has hardcover fiction, with a great selection of genre fiction (mysteries, sci-fi). The third room holds the enormous paperback section. Stepladders are scattered throughout the store so you can reach the very top shelves without trouble. And, as always, the people who work there are some of the nicest in the world. Who needs paradise?
ORANGE COUNTY WEEKLY, Best of Orange County Issue, 1997

Orange County Weekly, Best of Issue, 1999 Staffers at Bookman actually read and look more or less like people who couldn't give a damn about much else. The store survives because of the staff's passion for finding books not in stock -- including out-of-print and rare editions. The hiring process must include the Photographic Memory for Customers' Bibiliographic Idiosyncrasies test.
ORANGE COUNTY WEEKLY, Best of Orange County Issue, 1999

Orange County Weekly, Best of Issue, 2000 The Bookman in Orange and Bookman Too of Huntington Beach. In business for only 10 years, the Bookman, located just off the 55 freeway at Chapman, has already tripled in size, its vast stock of mostly used books swelling to the point that it leased out a big new space in Huntington Beach known as Bookman Too. Both stores are packed tight with everything from classics to works of technical engineering. A browser's dream. They've also got a new website up so you can order online at
[Applause. Whistles. Cries of "Hooray for the website!"]
ORANGE COUNTY WEEKLY, Best of Orange County Issue, 2000

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...unlike many such shops [used bookstores], the books are carefully categorized and alphabetized.
LOS ANGELES TIMES, Calendar Weekend Section, 1997

One worked a succession of mundane jobs, mindless tasks that covered the bills but otherwise failed to challenge the intellect. The other enjoyed a more exciting career racing and training thoroughbred horses.
And each desired something more. Like legions of Americans, they wanted to run their own company, to be their own bosses, to forget time clocks and time cards forever.
So... -- in the midst of an economic recession that was claiming small enterprises everywhere -- ...David Hess and ...Paul Bonaventure opened their own business.
...both have contributed equally to make Orange's The Bookman, 840 N. Tustin Ave., one of north Orange County's most successful used bookstores.

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